Management Company; PMG-Houston

Community Association Manager; Otis Chandler

Phone; 713-329-7100 * 713-329-7114


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Nov 19th 2020 meeting set for 7pm. 

Virtual meetings are the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:30pm. See below on how to attend. Meeting is open to all members. Meeting will be through MicrosoftTeams.

 To protect the privacy of our homeowners, please send an email to to request an invitation to the meeting, include your name and property address. Deadline to request invitation is by Wednesday night. Meeting will open Thursday at 6:30pm. 

Morgan Pool 2020 Season Cancelled (COVID-19 Resource

The decision to close the Morgan Pool was not an easy one. After reviewing the restrictions to keep facilities safe for community pools, we had to admit that pragmatically speaking, it would be impossible for us to guarantee a safe environment for residents, even those residents willing to take the risk of infection with this highly contagious virus. That created a dangerous liability for the Association that would affect all homeowners, not just those willing to use the pool.

The increased liability and the financial risk of spending tens of thousands of dollars, for services that might not be provided, forced the decision to close the Morgan Pool.

The money that would have been used for lifeguards will go instead to making much needed updates to the facility, including replacing the iron fencing and begin plans to rebuild the clubhouse so it can be an added asset for all homeowners. 


For information on the pandemic, please tune in to your local news.

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LAWSUIT FACTS- On 9/5/2019, Southwyck Section IV HOA was forced to sue Southwyck Community Association. The lawsuit could have been avoided if Southwyck Community Association had complied with the numerous requests for an  accounting of their Income and Expenses. The legal document listing the reasons and the requested documents is here.

Southwyck Section IV HOA, Inc continues to work so we can get our Association under homeowner control. Southmanor or Southwyck Section IV was the first subdivision to be built and sold out in 1984. Over the years, the developer annexed Southfield Village (Section7), Huntington Park (Section8) and the last one, Edgewater Estates (Section9). Those are the ONLY 4 subdivisions subject to the Declarations of Southwyck Section IV. 

From 1984 to 1991, these 4 subdivisions were managed by Southwyck Section4 HOA, Inc and Southwyck Community Association was nothing but an advising board. In 2005, the board of the Southwyck Community Association decided to dramatically change operations and gain control of many duties not within their scope of authority as per the Declarations. Some of their actions since 2005 include;

*Hiring a Management Company -doubling expenses for homeowners

*Hiring a new Landscape Company -doubling expenses for homeowners

*Increasing their control by taking away management duties from HOA's

*2005-Initiating lawsuit against Silverlake HOA, using money dedicated exclusively to maintenance of General Common Areas, in legal proceedings without homeowner input.

...more to come

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Southwyck 4 H.O.A, Inc

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