Southwyck 4 H.O.A, Inc

Subdivisions: Southmanor*Edgewater Estates*Southfield Village*Huntington Park

The Subdivisions of Southmanor and Edgewater Estates are located outside the City of Pearland, in what is often call the "ETJ". 

 Services are provided by Brazoria County and not the City of Pearland.

Buying or selling a home in Southmanor, Edgewater Estates, Southfield Village or Huntington Park Subdivisions?


1- As required by Texas Property Code, a Management Certificate has been filed in Brazoria County with the governing documents information and Management Company information to request resale certificate, open deed restrictions violations and Owner's accounts.  

2- Southwyck Section IV HOA, Inc is the owner and operator of the Common Areas within the Subdivisions Plats.

New Owner Welcome Packet

Southfield Village and Huntington Park Subdivisions are within the City Limits of the City of Pearland.

The City of Pearland has made it easier for residents to report issues to be corrected by the City.
A new easy to use app is available to report lost pets, bandit signs, broken sidewalks, or any other issues under the City of Pearland jurisdiction.