Southwyck 4 H.O.A, Inc

Subdivisions: Southmanor*Edgewater Estates*Southfield Village*Huntington Park

‚ÄčSection IV HOA Maintenance Assessments 

Southwyck Section IV HOA, Inc has set their Annual 2020 Maintenance Assessment to be $244.00. Article VII of each Section's Declarations explains what these assessments are intended to cover. 

Payments for Deed Restriction fees, Pool Cards and Owner's transfer should be mailed (please include Property address) to;

Southwyck Section IV HOA

PO BOX 208719 * Dallas, Texas 75320-8719

The maintenance assessments set out in Article VII of the Declaration for the Southwyck Section IV Subdivision shall be paid by the Owner or Owners of each Lot in Southwyck Section IV HOA, Inc in semi-annual installments on or before every January 15 and July 15 following conveyance of each Lot to an Owner. (2nd Amendment).  Payment being due within fifteen (15) days after the end of each such period.

Please make sure and verify your governing documents for conflicts with most of the Southwyck Community Association policies. You are only responsible for the terms of yourDeclaration and amendments, policies can NOT conflict or change the Declarations. Verify your due dates for assessments and the fact that you are not legally responsible for late fees, as per your Declaration. For support on this or other policies, you can email your concerns to your HOA board at

Southwyck Section IV HOA, Inc, as a separate Texas non-profit corporation,  keeps an official record of accounts for each of the 755 properties with the assessments, deed restriction charges and fees. To verify homeowners account status with Southwyck Section IV HOA, please contact our contracted management company; Inframark (customer care 281-870-0585) or by email;