Morgan Park

Corner of Magnolia and Morgan Rd


The playground is for the equal  enjoyment of our residents. 

Please observe the rules for the safety and benefit of our community.

1- No reservations for private parties.

2- Parties are allowed as long as the park remains open for all all residents. 

3- Parties should take their own trash with them, do not overflow the trashcans at the park.  

4- No cooking facilities, so please don't cook.

5- No giant inflatables, they kill the grass and/or break the irrigation heads.

A little common sense and common courtesy can go a long way to maintaining the beauty and convenience of our community. 

Southwyck 4 H.O.A, Inc

Subdivisions: Southmanor*Edgewater Estates*Southfield Village*Huntington Park

There are multiple open parks and playgrounds available to the general public in our community.
2715 Southwyck Parkway

 *volleyball court 
*splash pad.
* Park for 0-5 year old
*Green Park on Southfork Drive

*Park in Stonefield Subdivision.

 Little League Baseball Field on Sorenson
No parking allowed on Sorenson or Bodine!

The Baseball Field is located on Sorenson and Bodine Dr and is available on a first come, first serve basis for residents of Southwyck 4. To reserve the field for team practice or play, please contact 

Morgan and Sunset Pocket Park

Enjoy a breezy sunset by the Southwyck Lake.

Southwyck Lake and Park 

Shelby and Northfork

Nice open area to enjoy with the family.